Wolf Wisdom Gatherings are held by Reverend Colette Duvall Pondella, licensed by the Emerson Theological  Institute. She encourages visitors to allow the wolves to teach us how to love each other unconditionally. She is Co-founder of the

Shadowland Foundation and its educational programs; as a Wolf Mom, she is dedicated to help save wolves in the wild and the environment.



"As a child, I took to climbing trees for refuge. Feeling powerless, I found magnificence in them; a connection and a sense of purpose.  Now surrounded by wolves and the National Forest, nature fills my heart and soul." 


“Faith is knowing that there is an intelligent force, seen and unseen that connects us to each other and all living things. This magnificence lives, creates and expresses itself through us, filling our hearts and souls with love, beauty and wisdom. This blessing empowers us to accomplish greatness.”

-Reverend Colette Duvall Pondella