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Wolves & Warriors


Like the wolf pack, our service men and women epitomize the best of our nature…ensuring the safety and survival of all. We know from experience that when a wolf looks into your eyes, they see who you really are.  Here, the wolves lend an unconditional and non-judgmental ear to those who have seen, witnessed and survived the unspeakable. With gratitude, we reach out to Vets, their families and friends to let them know the wolves are here and willing to hear you and greet you with a big ole sloppy unforgettable lick of appreciation.

What Wolves & Warriors Have In Common:

  • Loyalty and devotion is routine, not the exception.

  • Strict discipline and exemplary leadership ensures the survival of the pack.

  • The Wolf Pack is unsurpassed by its unity of purpose and diversity of skills that make each member invaluable and indispensable.

  • What they lack in size, they outperform in solidarity and endurance.

  • And in the Wolfpack…everybody eats…no one is left behind.

With pride, we honor all Veterans for demonstrating these qualities and the sacrifices they have made in the name of honor and country; from the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank Veterans and those currently serving here and abroad.


"I have PTSD and the wolves seem to know it. When I'm with them I get a sense of peace and calm and Alaska stays by my side. I love these wolves."             
-James Roberts USAF

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