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Fighting Your Own Fire  PTS Workshop

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Knowing that Law enforcement officers are uniquely susceptible to the emotional and behavioral impacts of job-related stressors that become overwhelming and manifest in post-traumatic stress, the Governor of California signed into law, Senate Bill 542. It contains a presumption for First Responders who have developed Post Traumatic Stress. Also known as PTSD (Disorder) and PTSI (Injury) depending on the impact on individuals because of their jobs.


PTSI sufferers often struggle with alcoholism, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, and other challenges that hinder their ability to function and maintain relationships with those they love. At work, PTSI can manifest in a variety of ways, ranging from difficulty focusing or following orders to over/underreacting in a situation where someone’s health and safety are in the balance. Tragically, these symptoms have all too often led to officers taking their own lives.


We here at First Responders Trauma Retreat are committed to serving the First Responder Community so you may to continue to Serve Us. Healing is an active healthy choice, an accomplishment.


 “I alone will fail; we together will recover.”  -Paul Pondella




"I initially created this workshop for Fire Fighters but know that all First Responders in our  communities are predisposed to experiencing job related trauma that can lead to PTS. Being in a positions a witness and a casualty of PTSI, I felt compelled to bring this workshop to those like me who did not recognize the symptoms before it became not just detrimental to my career but to my personal and familial relationships as well. My intention with this workshop is to educate our First Responders, leaders, and families on how to recognize PTS and what to do about it. Furthermore, if you are suffering from this "injury" we, who know exactly what you are going through, are here for you."                 

                                                                                                                             -Mike Celiga

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