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Welcome to Freedom

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Shadowland Foundation, through its wolf education programs have discovered the healing nature of this prehistoric creature and man’s first companion & teacher. Archaeologists claim the wolf was vital to Homo Sapien survival. Letting them perform this original mission here at the ranch for our precious First Responder community is our honor and theirs too.

Our Nonprofit Educational Organization is proud to present the First Responders Trauma Retreat to give back to those whose life mission has been to protect our urban and rural communities so we can thrive just as the wolf packs protect the land and our forests, so all life thrives. Welcome to our Pack. It comes with a lifetime membership.

***As wild animals, wolves cannot be certified as "Service Animals", however, as the original canines, the Shadowland Foundation Wolf Pack exhibit the highest loyalty, sensitivity and dedication to serve those who have served us so valiantly.


*This ranch was created as an Eco- Park for our Wolf Education Programs in our endeavor to save the environment, by saving this endangered, essential species, the wolf. Turns out it also serves as a healing respite for our two-legged friends and the native wildlife as well.


Paul Pondella regularly skipped school as a child and hid in the woods from his family, friends, and teachers. There, he dreamed of what he would do when he grew up. The ostracizing he experienced because of his misdiagnosed Dyslexia drove him to find comfort with the wild animals and nature. He felt safer with the four-legged creatures than he did with his own. He visualized a piece of land with a big sign that would say, “Welcome to Freedom.” He wanted to create a place where people who felt like him could come and feel safe. He did not know at the time that a wolf named Shadow would help him find it.

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