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Welcome to Freedom


Our intention with this retreat is to inspire a long-awaited breakthrough highlighting the science of healing the brain and understanding that trauma of any kind, from childhood on, is an injury and should be treated as such. Mental Health is a term that has been bandied about as something necessary for preventing and treating trauma, addiction, and suicide; yet many do not understand what it really is or how to implement it effectively.

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Modern Neurological advancements and discoveries have led to such exciting and effective treatment modalities that do not just save people’s lives but enhance them.

However, most people and organizations avoid the subject all together because of the shame attached. It is considered “taboo” in our culture of “just suck it up” and “move on.”  This approach is literally killing people. Now you can “Walk with Freedom.”  Your courage to heal could light the path to understanding mental health, ending the “stigma” attached to it by your profession and society at large. The benefits to humanity would be miraculous.

Here at the ranch, we call Freedom, our Wolves & Wellness programs have taught us that Veterans, First Responders, and their families suffer greatly, because you witness and experience so much loss. Your days are filled with the “unspeakable” and often live your lives left to grieve alone in quiet desperation. You wear brave faces in public but reaching out for help for yourselves is not built into your culture and considered dishonorable. As a result, the suicide, addiction, and divorce rates in your profession are skyrocketing. It is no longer necessary to suffer alone. With help, we can learn to heal the past and process the present in a healthy way, living life fully and authentically. Let us help!”

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