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Trauma is a wound; physical, mental, psychological, emotional, and spiritual. Trauma can steal the ability to relax, recover, solve problems, enjoy loved ones, and stay in the present moment.  Sometimes it’s a terrible, singular event that changes everything from that day onwards. For First Responders, it’s a continuous flood of painful or exhausting experiences that keep the nervous system agitated.

Trauma does not get better over time. Trauma does not heal without intervention. Research is showing us that trauma is often at the basis of human suffering, and that unless trauma cycles are interrupted and resolved at the personal, familial, community and global level, this suffering will continue unabated.

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Peer Support


Peer Support is not just another program; research indicates that it must encompass whole health: mind, body, and spirit. It must become a culture, an ongoing practice of both reaching out and offering to be of service. Peer Support that first responders most need right now includes education, resources, 12 Step Meetings, sponsorship and most importantly, each other. Credible research validating the benefits of Peer Support programs for first responders is still growing.

Substantial studies have been done on Peer Support for military veterans who have seen combat, diagnosed with mental health issues, particularly PTSD. One survey of more than 28,000 active-duty military personnel found that talking and connecting with support groups, team members, friends and family was one of the most common coping strategies for dealing with stress. Seventy three percent saw tangible results from these interactions. 

Not only is there a team of peers onsite running and operating our retreat, we have set up an ongoing support system that will always be here for you no matter where you live. You will never be alone without an extended peer support system we will keep in place, no matter what.



An acupuncturist uses information from your health history, pulse, and tongue

to guide the treatment.  This modality strives to go deep and address the original

wound.  Therefore, trauma can be treated without unearthing the details of the

traumatic event and potentially re-traumatizing the individual. It is a great

place to start even if you have not yet fully or even consciously processed the

events of your trauma, as

well as a powerful place to continue your healing journey.

A skilled, trauma-informed acupuncturist will help you:

  • reconnect to your body

  • feel safe in your body

  • re-establish your healthy boundaries

  • release the body memory of past trauma

  • reclaim your energy and vitality

  • increase your stress resiliency

Treatment with acupuncture is effective whether done immediately after a traumatic event or much later, even years.  Healing from trauma is big, courageous work, acupuncture offers one of the best evidence-based therapeutic modalities available worldwide.



Tai Chi can be practiced almost anywhere, either alone or with a group. It’s suitable for anyone because exertion levels can be adjusted to suit your physical condition. On a physical level, Tai Chi improves strength, flexibility, aerobic conditioning, and balance. It’s been proven to improve cardiovascular fitness, lower blood pressure, prevent falls and help people who have arthritis.

There are also immense emotional and mental benefits. Deliberate movements help people to feel more relaxed, grounded, and present in their bodies. This lowers anxiety, stress, and depression; while improving memory, focus and sleep. It’s all about improving your quality of life and feeling empowered.

Numerous medical studies show the overwhelming benefits of Tai Chi, especially when modified programs address specific health conditions. Research shows a regular routine can prevent many health problems and help people to better manage the conditions they already have.


Martial Arts - Tai Chi


Tai Chi is a mind-body exercise originating from ancient China, where it started as a famous martial art. These days, it’s practiced around the world as an effective exercise for health. Tai Chi  as a regular practice will improve your wellbeing.

At the heart of it, Tai Chi is a moving meditation in the form of a series of gentle exercises that create harmony between the mind and body. The ultimate purpose is to cultivate our inner life energy (qi) to flow smoothly and powerfully through the body. This is a spiritual experience, as much as a physical one.


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